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Short-Term Apartment Rent Permit in Alanya

According to the new regulation, which came into force on 01.01.2024, short-term renting means renting accommodation to local or foreign persons for tourism purposes for one hundred days or less than one hundred days at a time. 

Persons wishing to do such an activity in Alanya must fulfill certain conditions. In order to know what conditions the law prescribes for the short-term rental of accommodation in Alanya, how to carry out the application procedure most accurately and not to overlook any important details, we recommend that you seek the assistance of a lawyer in Alanya and carry out this procedure together with a lawyer.

Which accommodations in Alanya can be used for short-term rentals for tourism purposes?

  • The type of accommodation: The new regulation does not restrict the type of accommodation that can be rented out for short-term rentals for tourism purposes in Alanya, 
  • Owner: Only persons or companies who either own the property to be rented out in Alanya or have a usufructuary or superstructure right to the accommodation are allowed.
  • Tenants: Tenants are not allowed to carry out this activity, even if they are authorized to sublet in the contract.

What documents does the Ministry require for short-term rentals for touristic purposes?

The documents required by the Ministry vary depending on the type of short-term rental accommodation. For example, the documents required for flats/apartments are not the same as those required for residences, which are referred to as high-end accommodation. Although some of the accommodations built in our country are labeled as residences, most accommodations do not have these requirements. For this reason, misclassification in this regard will result in you submitting the application incorrectly, which will result in time loss and financial losses.

How do i apply for a permit for short-term rental for touristic purposes?

All permit applications must be submitted via “e-Devlet”. Applications submitted physically, e.g. by post, will be returned to the applicant without an assessment. The applicant must have the abovementioned rights and must provide the documents proving that they have these rights when submitting an application. We strongly recommend that you seek the assistance of a lawyer in Alanya to prepare all the necessary documentation for the application and to ensure that the application is completed in the best possible way.

What are the penalties for the short-term rental of accommodation for touristic purposes without authorizatıon from the ministry?

Short-term rentals for tourist purposes that are carried out without applying for and obtaining the required authorization are punishable by progressively increasing fines. 

– The person who carries out such a rental activity without the required permit will be fined 100,000 (one hundred thousand) Turkish Liras per apartment the first time. If such a case is detected, the person concerned is given 15 days to obtain the necessary permits. 

– The person who has not obtained the required documents and permits after the expiry of the 15-day period shall be fined 500,000 (five hundred thousand) Turkish Liras and given another 15 days to obtain the permit.

– The person who has not obtained a permit after the 15-day period granted for the second time has expired and continues to operate shall be fined 1,000,000 (one million) Turkish Liras.

For this reason, if you want to do this kind of activity, we recommend that you seek help from a lawyer in Alanya in order not to suffer material and moral damages and to inform yourself about the path you should take in this regard with the help of a lawyer.

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