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Do You Need a Lawyer in Antalya?

At Legall Partner International Law Office in Antalya we pride ourselves on providing comprehensive and personalized legal services in the heart of Antalya. If you need a lawyer in Antalya, you can contact us. With a team of experienced and dedicated professionals, we are committed to helping our clients navigate the complexities of Turkish law with confidence and ease. We offer a wide range of legal services tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients. We offer legal services in multiple languages, including English, German, and Russian, to cater to our international clientele.

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Legal Practice Areas

Real Estate Law

Antalya’s captivating coastline and thriving property market attract both local and international investors. Whether you’re buying your dream vacation home, investing in a rental property, or selling an existing one, navigating the legalities of Turkish real estate can be complex. This is where a reputable real estate lawyer in Antalya becomes your invaluable partner.

Turkish Citizenship Law

Antalya’s captivating beauty and vibrant lifestyle make it a dream destination for many. But did you know that owning property in Antalya or establishing a business here could pave the way for Turkish citizenship? If you’re considering this exciting path, a reputable Turkish citizenship lawyer in Antalya is your essential guide.

Inheritance law

You’re planning your estate or facing complexities in inheriting property, a skilled inheritance lawyer in Antalya is your essential partner. We assist clients with drafting wills, establishing estate plans, and navigating the probate process.

Immigration law

Antalya’s captivating blend of turquoise waters, rich history, and vibrant culture beckons not just tourists, but also individuals seeking a new life in Turkey. Turkish immigration law offers various visa and residence permit options. An immigration lawyer in Antalya can assess your situation and recommend the most suitable path for your goals. This is where an experienced immigration lawyer becomes your invaluable guide.

Compensation law

If you’ve been a victim of an accident, negligence, or a contractual breach in Antalya, you may be entitled to compensation. A expert compensation lawyer in Antalya can help you navigate the legal process and fight for the compensation you deserve.

corporate law

You’re launching a new venture, expanding your existing business, or navigating complex mergers and acquisitions, a skilled corporate lawyer in Antalya is your essential guide. From company formation to ongoing legal compliance, our lawyers in Antalya can support you at every stage of your business journey.

debt collection and foreclosure law

if you’re facing unpaid invoices or struggling to collect a debt, it can be frustrating and financially damaging. This is where a expert Debt Collection and Foreclosure lawyer in Antalya becomes your vital ally.

Construction Law

Antalya’s thriving construction sector offers exciting opportunities, but navigating the legal landscape can be complex. Whether you’re a developer embarking on a new project, a contractor seeking to protect your rights, or a homeowner facing construction disputes, a skilled construction lawyer in Antalya is your essential partner.

Criminal Law

 If you’re facing criminal charges in Antalya, you don’t have to navigate the complex legal system alone. A skilled criminal lawyer in Antalya can be your advocate and ensure your rights are protected throughout the process. Contact us today for personalized legal assistance in Antalya.

IT law

Antalya’s booming tech sector offers exciting opportunities, but the legal aspects of the digital world can be complex.Whether you’re a tech startup, a well-established company, or an individual navigating online contracts, a skilled IT lawyer in Antalya is your essential guide.

family - divorce law

 If you’re considering divorce in Antalya, you don’t have to navigate this challenging process alone. An experienced family and divorce lawyer in Antalya can be your guiding light throughout this transition.

law of contracts

Antalya’s vibrant economy thrives on strong partnerships and clear agreements. Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur finalizing a complex business deal or an individual entering into a new contract, a skilled law of contracts lawyer in Antalya is your essential partner.

Why Clients Choose Us?

Facing legal issues in Antalya can be daunting. At Legall Partner in Antalya, we understand the complexities of Turkish law and the anxieties that can arise during legal proceedings. Our team of lawyers are not just qualified in Turkish law, but also possess in-depth knowledge of the specific legal landscape of Antalya. This local expertise ensures we approach your case with the most relevant insights and strategies.

We have a proven track record of success in handling a wide range of legal matters, from real estate transactions, consumer disputes, cross-border contracts e.g. Our experience equips us to anticipate challenges and navigate your case towards a favorable outcome.

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