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Legal Assistance Within The Divorce Process In Alanya

I want to get divorced in Alanya, what should I do?

Alanya is a city known not only for its beauties but also for its international diversity. For this reason, divorce processes are among the legal problems that foreign nationals living in Alanya may face.

The divorce process can be an emotionally and legally complex experience. It is important for people who are getting divorced in Alanya to take the right steps and protect their rights. In this post, we want to help you through this difficult process by giving you basic information about the divorce process in Alanya.

How does the divorce process look like in Alanya?

Foreign nationals may encounter some additional difficulties during the divorce process in Alanya. The language barrier, the complexity of local laws and cultural differences can make this process even more complicated. Therefore, the advice and expertise of a divorce lawyer is extremely important.

Divorce proceedings are the process by which a married couple legally dissolves their marriage. These proceedings are carried out by a court order and decisions are made on issues such as property division and custody. The divorce proceedings usually consist of the following phases:

  • Application: The divorce proceedings begin with an application to the court by a divorce lawyer or by a private individual. The application should detail the grounds for the divorce and the claims.
  • Court proceedings: Once the application has been filed, the court proceedings begin. The parties have the option of conducting the divorce proceedings uncontested or contested. In the case of an uncontested divorce, the parties have reached an agreement on the divorce and other matters. In the case of a contested divorce, the court decides.
  • Decision phase: The court makes its decision taking into account the statements of the parties, the evidence and the current situation. In addition to the divorce decree, decisions are also made on issues such as division of property and custody.
  • Enforcement: After the court’s final decision, the divorce becomes binding. The parties must comply with the decision on issues such as division of property and custody.

What are the reasons for a divorce in Alanya?

According to the Turkish Civil Code, there must be certain reasons for filing for divorce. Some of these reasons are as follows:

  • Failure of the marriage: If the relationship between the spouses is shattered due to disagreements, constant quarrels or other reasons, the court can pronounce a divorce by assuming that the marriage is deemed to have failed.
  • Adultery: If one spouse cheats on the other spouse or has sexual intercourse with another person.
  • Abandonment: When one spouse leaves the shared home and does not return for at least six months.
  • Uncontested divorce: The spouses agree to divorce and sign a protocol to that effect.

The role of the family lawyer in the divorce process

The role of a divorce/family lawyer is very important in the divorce process. The divorce lawyer in Alanya informs his clients about the legal procedures, protects their rights and helps them to achieve a fair outcome. In addition, in the case of an uncontested divorce, a lawyer can help reach an agreement between the parties and properly prepare the divorce protocol.

Especially for foreign nationals, the divorce lawyer will help the client overcome the language barrier, understand the local laws, take the right steps in the legal proceedings and represent you in court.

Why should I seek the help of a divorce lawyer?

Divorce in Alanya can be a complex and emotional process. However, if you take the right steps and get professional support, you can make this process less stressful. Our law firm works with experienced divorce lawyers to guide you through the divorce process. Our goal is to best protect your rights by providing you with customized solutions.

If you need more information about the divorce process in Alanya, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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