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Cancelling A Real Estate Sales Contract in Alanya

I have changed my mind about buying a property in Turkey but the real estate agent/builder will not refund my money. How can I cancelling a real estate sales contract in Alanya? Even though Alanya is an excellent opportunity to invest, some situations can be annoying for people who want to buy a property.

If you are thinking of buying a property in Alanya, there are some important points to consider:

  •  Proper Guidance: There are some important points to be aware of when buying/selling real estate. For people who do not know the legal rules in Alanya, it is very important to be informed about these points. A real estate lawyer who is specialized in real estate in Alanya will advise you in this regard, check the contracts and review all the situations that need to be considered. For this reason, the help of an expert lawyer is essential when buying or selling real estate.
  • Real estate sales contract: It is of great importance that the real estate sales contract which will be signed for the real estate you intend to buy in Alanya is duly executed. The real estate sales contract made without taking into account the legal rules that are valid in Alanya will be invalid and this will lead to some problems. In order to avoid such problems, the support of a lawyer specialized in real estate sales contracts is very important. Your lawyer will check not only the form but also the content of the contract for you and will be able to react if there is a situation that will affect you negatively.

I have canceled the contract for the purchase of the property in Alanya and would like a refund, what can I do?

You have signed a purchase contract for a property in Alanya, but for some reason you want to cancel the purchase of the property and request a refund of the amount paid. In this case, there are some situations to consider.

  • The type of the signed contract
  • The conditions under which the contract was signed
  • Compliance with the formal requirements of the signed real estate purchase contract
  • Violation of binding legal norms by the terms of the contract.
  • What the amount was paid for
  • Existence of documents such as bank receipts, etc. proving that the money was paid.
real estate lawyer in alanya

These points should be analyzed in detail and a strategic plan should be created according to your individual situation.  A lawyer specialized in real estate law will carefully analyze all these factors for you and create a specific plan that works in your favor.

In some cases, real estate agents or building contractors refuse to refund the money you’ve already paid. In this case, the assistance of a lawyer which is specialized in real estate law is essential for you. They will be able to contact the other party and try to ensure that the matter is resolved without legal proceedings so you can get your money back. If no agreement can be reached in this way, your expert lawyer will take all the necessary steps for you and take the matter to court to ensure that you receive your rights and your money back.

Why do I need a lawyer to get my money back from the real estate agent/building contractor?

Although it is not mandatory to work with a lawyer in Turkey, untangling the complex and technical legalities of Turkish real estate law can cause you to lose time, money and, most importantly, your rights. For individuals who do not have legal expertise, taking the right steps within the complex legal regulations is daunting. Therefore, in order to get the money you are entitled to back in the fastest and most accurate way and to ensure that all the steps you have taken are correct, you should definitely get the assistance of a lawyer who is specialized in real estate law in Alanya. Your lawyer will solve your problem in the most professional way and save you from possible losses. 

What should I look out for when choosing the right lawyer for my case?

– Expertise in real estate law: Look for lawyers who are specialized in Turkish real estate law. They know the intricacies of real estate purchase contracts and consumer rights in Alanya.

– Knowledge of real estate purchase contracts: If you are a foreign buyer, make sure the law firm has experience with the regulations and procedures for foreign nationals.

– Multilingual communication: Clear communication is key. Choose a law firm with lawyers who speak your language fluently to avoid misunderstandings throughout the process.

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